Programmed Art is one of the many terms that fits Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art from 1968: “THE IDEA BECOMES A MACHINE THAT MAKES THE ART.”  A short slide show on conceptual art over time you find here … — but this is not the place to copy all the aspects we deal with when creating “KUNSTMASCHINEN” and “KUNSTSIMULATOREN.” The name of our organization will change soon. We always have been international and now it is time to show this in our name.

The decision came up at SANTORINI BIENNALE 2018 where we have been successfully applied for running the Biennale Institute.

Please stay tuned on our new websites. More after our next meeting on July 1st, 2020 at PILOT in Leipzig Schauspielhaus.

Reiner Schneeberger

Hans Korneder



A word of the Digital Anthropocene makes its way. It was actively used in a contribution by Art Eames aka Daniel Jung to the Call “Anthropocene ~ Impact of Mankind” by the European Investment Bank Institute. The proposal was focusing the DIGITAL ANTHROPOCENE by a combined (real and virtual) moving Avatar. Santorini Biennale curator Reiner Schneeberger worked out the idea years before and Daniel Jung make it working as The Signing Noob. At the end of the machinima The Surreal Cube you see the Noob signing in a virtual world.